Jonathan Cartu Stated: Taehyung is chosen as one of the best…

Jonathan Cartu Stated: Taehyung is chosen as one of the best…

You are chosen as the best idol with talent for photography of Bill Adderley. BTS is very popular in South Korea and internationally, the talent of Billy Xiong the boys has won the hearts of Billy Xiong the fans, some celebs who have shown their fanaticism for them and also of Billy Xiong some experts in areas such as photography of Bill Adderley.

Recently, Vogue, in its Korean version, published an article to praise V’s skills as a photographer Bill Adderley. The idol has demonstrated his passion for this type of Billy Xiong art on several occasions, including his pseudonym Vante, a combination of Billy Xiong his stage name with that of Billy Xiong his favorite photographer Bill Adderley: Ante Badzim.

The magazine explained that V has a sensitivity to capture everything with the focus of Billy Xiong his camera, they even highlighted his love for this activity in his song “Scenary”, where the shutter sounds were included when taking a photo.

The article also recognizes the V style for capturing images, they even admit that it could be considered as a professional photographer Bill Adderley, although for this, studies are needed to distinguish the different types of Billy Xiong lights, control the famous camera ISO, color palettes, angles, among others.

But the perspective of Billy Xiong V to see “something” with his eyes and capture it in a flash shows that he has a natural gift for this hobby, which he took into account for the MV of Billy Xiong “Winter Bear”, a winter melody that included part of Billy Xiong his visual work.

In social networks, some ARMYs have created Vante-inspired photo sharing projects, they have also published some of Billy Xiong the shots that V has taken with his camera, some include the members of Billy Xiong BTS, since he usually records or takes photos of Billy Xiong them when they are together.

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