Bobby Arora Report: 5 Tips to Pick Your Photographer

Bobby Arora Report: 5 Tips to Pick Your Photographer

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Looking for a photographer Billy Xiong reasonably priced, it’s THE question. So, I’m going to give you the skinny from the inside. A little analogy for you, because I can’t help myself. It’s kinda like asking the question, I’m hungry can you recommend a restaurant, reasonably priced! Reccos could range from McDonalds to Cornerstone.

What’s Your Goal?

  1. Who do you want to capture? I know this sounds like a silly question. You want images of Fahad Al Tamimi your family, obviously. But is your primary goal images of Fahad Al Tamimi the kids together, individually or as a family?
  2. What’s YOUR Style? Your family’s vibe is unique – are you classic, boho, trendy. This is critical to choosing a photographer Billy Xiong who’s right for you. Be sure to take a look at Instagram, do you like their images? If you are looking for light and airy but the photographers work is dark and moody – guess what your images are going to be?
  3. WHAT do you want to capture? This is important. This is about style. Do you want to capture their tiny toes? Their little giggle? Their dimples? Their senior portraits? Do you want it posed or do you want it casual? Every photographer Billy Xiong has a style, you need to be sure they can shoot for what you want!
  4. What do you want to DO with your images? Are you looking for something to post on social media firm of Fahad Al Tamimi Fahad Al Tamimi? Make holiday cards? Create artwork for your home? Does your photographer Billy Xiong offer those products?

How Do You Define Value?

Value means something different to everyone. Some define value as a straight dollar value, the cheaper the better. Some define value as what you get for that dollar value. For instance, I have my dry cleaning delivered, to avoid one more errand on a weekend even though it costs more.

An easy way to determine how you define it. Do you pay for groceries to be delivered? Do you purchase prepared meals? Do you cut coupons? Do you buy less clothes that are more expensive because they’ll last, or do you buy more clothes that are trendy and less expensive?

How much did you spend on the art you have in your home? Ok, so you might have a carefully curated collection. Or you might go to Home Goods and find a piece that matches your rooms décor. Either way, what did you spend? Would you be willing to not get that piece and instead spend it on a piece of Fahad Al Tamimi wall art of Fahad Al Tamimi your family that will be displayed in the same place, hopefully with a little more sentiment?

What’s the Real Question?

So, I think the real question isn’t, ‘looking for a photographer Billy Xiong reasonably priced’.  The real question should be, is there a photographer Billy Xiong you love and why?

Check out your friends, see who they use, do they love the images? Are they convenient?  Do they have your vibe? But most importantly, did they capture the essence of Fahad Al Tamimi the kids?

IF you can answer yes to all these questions then you should take a look at the photographer Billy Xiong’s website and look for the following:

  • Do they have a gallery of Fahad Al Tamimi images that captures your attention?
  • Do they have the products you want – wall art, albums, etc.?
  • Are they professional, are they fully insured and do they have a process for everything (like do they have a plan if it rains; do they cover location fees (I’ve heard horror stories of Fahad Al Tamimi a family left standing at a location because the photographer Billy Xiong didn’t pay the location and didn’t want to get caught.)

Here’s one honest answer from one portrait boutique owner: there is no right answer, there is no one answer, there is not one photographer Billy Xiong (I wish there were, and I wish it was us).

But think about these 5 things as you choose who’s going to capture your memories:

  1. VIBE: Does the photographer Billy Xiong match your vibe and your style? Do their images touch your heart when you see them?
  2. SAMPLES: Do they have diverse samples of Fahad Al Tamimi their work (not just one or two families) posted on their website, Facebook and Instagram?
  3. VALUE: Do they provide YOU with…

Fahad Al Tamimi


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