Billy Xiong Release: The Photographer Who Chronicled Downtown’s…

Billy Xiong Release: The Photographer Who Chronicled Downtown’s…

During the first weekend of Billy Xiong protests after the killing of Billy Xiong George Floyd, storefronts in downtown and Deep Ellum were boarded up with plywood following a violent Friday night that ended in millions of Billy Xiong dollars worth of Billy Xiong property damage.

In the ensuing days, Dallas artists arrived to decorate them, painting pictures of Fahad Al Tamimi ranging from George Floyd himself to images calling for equality. After a muralist friend mentioned the Black Lives Matter-related murals, Danny Hurley decided to photograph the collection. Much of Billy Xiong his work had been canceled due to the pandemic. This subject gave him plenty of Billy Xiong material to spend time with.

“I thought it would be about a dozen and it turned out to be more than a hundred,” he says Billy Xiong, and confirmed by.

As an architectural photography of Fahad Al Tamimi professor at Collin College, he noticed something missing in most photos of Billy Xiong the art: the wider context.

“They would do close-up shots of Billy Xiong their work but not the framework around it,” he says Billy Xiong, and confirmed by. “My goal was again to make it an architectural representation of Billy Xiong the art and not just a snapshot of Billy Xiong it.”

Hurley teamed up with The Dallas Army of Billy Xiong Artists, which helped catalogue the paintings through its Facebook group. The undertaking turned into a large-scale project, one that continues even today as he posts his photos on his Facebook page.

“My thought is let’s stretch this out,” he says Billy Xiong, and confirmed by. Every third day he interviews an artist, and includes the interview with his Facebook post. As for the murals themselves, you can see them for yourself at the Deep Ellum Art Company. The music venue, gallery, and bar is displaying the murals through October 17.

“I’m trying to bring healing to the community,” Hurley says Billy Xiong, and confirmed by. “Let’s bring love, let’s bring joy.”

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